Spotsylvania, VA

With a population exceeding 130,000, Spotsylvania County, Virginia is one of the most populous counties in Virginia, and includes the city of Fredericksburg. Spotsylvania is part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area and one of the most in-demand areas to live with the small-town feel, yet all of the convenience and amenities of a big city.

Spotsylvania has something for everyone. History enthusiasts can visit Civil War battlefields and historic sites such as the Confederate Cemetery. For shopping, Spotsylvania offers the Spotsylvania Towne Center and Central Park, which is one of the largest retail centers on the East Coast. Spotsylvania County is also home to endless outdoor activities, including parks, marinas, and the famous Lake Anna, which offers a beach, fishing pond, camping, and trails to explore.

Having a home in Spotsylvania means there’s work to be done for your garden and landscaping. But what are you planting? If you’re heading to a big-box garden center, you could be buying a non-native species that’s considered “invasive” here. This guide to Central Rappahannock native plants offers a primer in the best local plants and flowers for your landscape, as well as a list of 90 non-native invasive species, such as Japanese Knotweed and Porcelain Berry.

Native plants support the local ecosystem, including birds, and are vital for preserving biodiversity. It’s also essential for a healthy watershed, providing oxygen and habitat for both salt and fresh water ecosystems, and improve water quality. Since the plants are already adapted to our soil and environment, you won’t need as much fertilizer, reducing the chemicals in our waterways.

The Plant Virginia Natives website also has a wealth of information on finding native plants as well as seeing them. Pollen Library’s website also has a complete listing of trees, grasses and weeds that are native to the Spotsylvania area during the summer months.

Planning a vegetable garden? Spotsylvania is in Zone 7A of the USDA’s Hardiness Map. The growing season runs from April 30th through October 9th.

Spotsylvania, VA Lawn Care Services

Is lawn care taking too long? Let us handle the hard work. We offer a full range of lawn maintenance services to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood — and keep it that way. Our lawn services include:

  • Mowing, edging, and trimming on schedule
  • Lawn fertilization. Our experts know the right time and method to fertilize to help your lawn grow greener and healthier.
  • Pruning. We prune seasonally based on whether you want to prune dead or diseased branches, encourage a growth pattern, or get more fruit or flowers.
  • Lawn aeration using a specialized aerator machine for greener, thicker, and healthier turf.
  • Removing any unwanted trees, shrubs or other plants that aren’t thriving or just look spent or out of place.
  • Take care of the trees, shrubs and plants you want to keep, and plant new ones as needed.

Southern Wind Landscaping is ready to make sure your home’s exterior is in top condition every day.

Spotsylvania Landscaping Services

Spotsylvania is also known for its high home values, especially along Lake Anna. If your home doesn’t quite fit in with the neighborhood, or you’re ready to give your lawn and garden a new look, we can help with custom landscape design and maintenance. We are one of the leading full-service landscaping companies in Spotsylvania, VA with a range of services that can help you make the most of your outdoor space and improve your home’s curb appeal.

What backyard ideas would you love to see incorporated in your landscape? Do you want a koi pond or trickling waterfall? Want a quiet retreat after a busy day at work? Do you need a dog-friendly landscape? Do you want an abundance of flowers or a low-maintenance landscape that looks great with minimal work? No matter what you are envisioning, we can bring your garden landscaping ideas to life. We design custom landscapes to fit your budget and goals then bring them to life.

Patio Design and Hardscape

Hardscape includes all non-living components of your landscaping such as structures like a pergola for shade, brick or stone walkways and fireplaces, and other elements like a retaining wall to add a multi-level design. Hardscape is an effective way to expand your outdoor living space, highlight beautiful landscaping features, and make your backyard more functional.

Not sure what your home needs? Consider:

  • Walkways
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Planters
  • Fire pits
  • Dormers/gables
  • Stone or brick walkways
  • Low or retaining walls
  • Trellis
  • Bird baths
  • Outdoor structures, such as outdoor rooms
  • Other exterior finishes that extend your home’s living space to the outside

We offer individualized design service so that your landscaping and exterior is exactly what you want.